“In all honesty, Allow me to enjoy myself” – Vee knocks off fan who advised her to change her way of life

“In all honesty, Allow me to enjoy myself” - Vee knocks off fan who advised her to change her way of life

Former Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown unscripted tv star and artist Victoria Adeleye prominently called Vee has cautioned a fan who sent her an immediate message instructing she changes her way with respect to life.

Vee who named the message a poo took to her Twitter page on Sunday, June 6, and tweeted saying that individuals should quit pushing their apprehensions on her.

She proceeded with that those individuals who guarantee to be her fan should stop from offending her decisions and masking it as exhortation, adding that all she needs from them is support.

“I saw a truly poop DM from a “fan” toward the beginning of today and it practically nearly demolished my day. Allow me to share some counsel. Quit pushing your feelings of dread onto me. Avoid offending my decisions and masking it as exhortation. Backing is all I need,” Vee tweeted.

Depicting herself more, Vee noticed that actually she shows individuals a little form of her life, and this makes it clear that individuals can’t carry on with their lives through her, since her methodologies are totally not the same as theirs.

Vee at that point clarified that she’s not watching anybody, all she needs is to carry on with her life and contact her objectives with no surge. Individuals ought to benevolently permit her to appreciate the daily routine she has decided to experience.

“Believe it or not, I show you a little level of my life. You can’t carry on with your life through me. My methodologies are distinctive to your methodologies. I’m not watching anybody, I simply need to carry on with my life and arrive at my objectives step by step. Permit me to have a good time,” she composed.

The truth star forewarned that it’s her entitlement to be permitted to have a sound way of life and solid relationship simultaneously. All things considered, she’s not prepared to acknowledge any nearsighted thinking from anybody since she endeavors to acknowledge such pointless considerations.

“In conclusion, I am permitted to have a solid brand and a sound relationship at a similar damn time. Miss me with that misanthropic attitude. I work excessively ridiculous difficult to acknowledge a particularly babble take,” Vee cautioned

Then, a concerned ally took to Vee’s remark segment and advised her that she can just utilize a square catch against any individual who sends her a message she doesn’t care for.

“You recently gave that simpleton a lot of consideration. Abi you done fail to remember how to hinder,” the fan tells Vee.

In any case, Vee told the ally that she’s simply getting down on harmfulness and she’s not prepared to mind how much consideration the individual she’s getting down on figures they can have.

“I’m getting down on poisonousness. I was unable to mind less how much “consideration” the individual thinks they have,” Vee answered.

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