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I’m Still in pains – Briella Whose Husband Was Shot By Burna Boy’s Escorts At Cubana Club Breaks Silence

I’m Still in pains – Briella Whose Husband Was Shot By Burna Boy’s Escorts At Cubana Club Breaks Silence

Briella, a married lady whose husband was shot by musician Burna Boy’s police escort, has spoken out about her side of the tale.

After shooting two clubbers, Lawrence Irebami, the husband of the woman Burna Boy allegedly made sexual advances to, and another identified simply as Tolu, at Club Cubana in Lagos last Wednesday, the Lagos State Police Commissioner’s Special Squad detained five policemen attached to Burna Boy for attempted murder.

Briella broke her silence on Sunday, June 19 in an Instagram post, stating that she is still traumatised by the occurrence and that her husband and his closest friend are still recovering from the wounds inflicted on them.

Burna Boy’s men approached Briella three times, each time requesting her.

“I told them on the first try that I wasn’t interested in speaking with Burna Boy and that I was married to my partner. He returned the second time and received the same response; he returned the third time and enraged a couple of our friends, who demanded to know why he continued bothering me,” she recalled.

She said that this resulted in a brawl between her pals and Burna Boy’s crew. However, the club’s security personnel were able to quickly defuse the situation.

Things took a turn for the worst when Burna Boy’s escorts got into another argument and started firing. Burna Boy allegedly gave his security the go-ahead to start firing at them in the club, according to her.

Briella said there was commotion in the club in a single second when recalling what transpired.

Her partner was hit in the skull by a bullet, while his friend was injured in the thigh.

The woman also said that the nightclub’s owner, Obi Cubana, took four days to contact them after the shooting, claiming he was unaware of the incident.

She stated that the club was unable to offer CCTV evidence or a statement regarding the occurrence, and that business had continued in the club.

The Lagos State Police Command labelled Burna Boy a fugitive, alleging that he is the subject of a criminal investigation.

The singer had been warned that he had no where to hide and that he should turn himself in. The cops have already been notified.

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