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Ifu Ennada yells out, “Celebrities have feelings,” after getting a cruel comment from a troll.

Ifu Ennada yells out, “Celebrities have feelings,” after getting a cruel comment from a troll.

Ifu Ennada, a reality TV personality and actress, has reacted to a troll’s cruel comment on a post she published on Instagram.

Ifu has an aura that makes her unattractive and unwanted to males, according to the troll, and she believes it is a spiritual issue. Her aura, she continued, emanates “wickedness and heartlessness.”

In her own words,

“If you have some features that should make you attractive and appealing, but you have an unpleasant aura for some reason.” This aura will deter male lovers from approaching you. I’m not sure if it’s a spiritual issue that’s impacting you… But damn if the aura doesn’t scream depravity and callousness.”

The Abia-born beauty entrepreneur was moved by the comment, and she posted a screenshot of it on her Instagram page, asking why trolls say such hurtful things to people.

Celebrities, she claims, have feelings as well, and it pains them when strangers make such comments.

She went on to say that she’s currently in a relationship and receives advances from guys on a daily basis, proving that the troll’s claim is false and based on hatred.

The 29-year-old BBNaija star then urged the government to enact tough anti-cyberbullying legislation.

Please see her post below.

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