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“I Wasted my life because of love for money and fame” – Oye Kyme laments (video)

“I Wasted my life because of love for money and fame” – Oye Kyme laments (video)

Oye Kyme, who served as Bobrisky’s former personal assistant, has turned to social media to express regret over past choices she took in her pursuit of fame and fortune that “destroyed her life.”

The Ivorian acknowledges that her time with the male Barbie was a terrible decision that almost cost her life. The Ivorian gained notoriety in 2021 after getting a tattoo of controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky.

Remember how Oye rose to fame online, especially in the Nigerian web community, when Bobrisky flew her there and promised to improve her life in exchange for being a devoted supporter and suffering through the discomfort of getting his whole name permanently inked on her arm?

After a brief altercation about Oye Kyme’s claims that Bob had physically assaulted her during her three-month stay with the socialite, the two parted ways.

“I’m done, I’ve been concealing for so long; now I’m revealing your true identity to the world, wicked human being that lier have been with for three months, supporting you in your lie and attempting to accept you for who you are, wicked man lier!

She had said, in part, “#”.

The brand influencer entered the adult film industry in May 2022 and published his debut video on a well-known porn website.

“Am done have been hiding for so long now am showing your real face to the world wicked human being that lier have been with for 3month supporting you in your lie trying to accept you the way you are wicked man lier!#”, She had stated, in part.

Meanwhile, in May 2022, the brand influencer delved into the adult film industry and released a debut video on a popular porn website.

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