I want to Get Married Again And have more children – Uche Ogbodo

I want to Get Married Again And have more kids – Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood entertainer and single parent of one, Uche Ogbodo is prepared to go after adoration. The famous actor whose union with Apo Arthur in 2013 slammed over beyond reconciliation contrasts a couple of months after, told Inside Nollywood that she wouldn’t see any problems with getting hitched again so her little girl could have a few kin to play with.

The Enugu State born actress additionally discussed the high and low snapshots of single parenthood. Hear her: “The happy minutes we (my girl and I) spent together, finding ourselves as she grows up are my high minutes. The lows are the point at which I needed to cry in my room isolated, going to God to spare me from stress, since I buckle down attempting to give all she needs. It is difficult yet I am grateful for elegance.”

Ogbodo, in any case, prompted single guardians taking a stab at endurance not to surrender. “Realize that you have a never-ending love in that youngster in your arms. It’s adoration that is unadulterated and valid, that never lies nor disillusions; and that will never deceive or desert you. Along these lines, love the second in time.

In her word, she said

“My baby girl will have siblings soon. I assure you. Watch out. I am still a lover girl as I was a few years ago. It’s only that I am a little wiser and stronger. Now, I am open to finding love again and getting married. I won’t say I have regrets over my past. I only have lessons learnt. Also, I don’t frown at finding love in the industry. If you find your love amongst your colleagues in showbiz, please feel free to nurture it. If I find love here, I will definitely nurture it. But I have never, not yet,”

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