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hospital turned down Kate Henshaw’s cleaner because they don’t treat knife wounds.

hospital turned down Kate Henshaw’s cleaner because they don’t treat knife wounds.

Kate Henshaw, a well-known actress, has revealed that her cleaner was stabbed in the early hours of Wednesday, May 18, on her way to work.

Kate, who shared the tragic news on Twitter, said she was sent to a Lagos Island hospital but was turned away because they don’t treat knife wounds.

Her cleaner was stabbed by two males on a bike near Idowu Martins, she added, and is being treated at home.

The 50-year-old actor wrote in his account of the incident,

“My cleaner was stabbed on her way to work on Idowu Martins near Mega Plaza this morning around 6 a.m.
She made it to a neighbouring clinic, only to be told that they don’t treat knife wounds!!
She is now being treated at a different hospital.
Everyone is in danger!! No one😡”

Kate Henshaw recently lashed out at people who believe they are entitled to other people’s money and that they have the authority to select how they spend it.

The actress recently took to Twitter to admonish such people to stop behaving badly and that people who work hard for their money ought to spend it whatever they want.

On her page, she wrote,

You have no right to money that does not belong to you. No!
Stop acting as if the rest of the world owes you anything….
Those who have worked hard to earn every penny are entitled to spend or give it away as they see fit.
Working hard is the key term here.

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