Helen Holland Identified As Elderly Woman Who Was Hit By Police Bike

According to the family, an elderly woman who was hit by a police motorcade escorting the Duchess of Edinburgh is currently in a coma.

According to relatives, an 81-year-old woman named Helen Holland from Essex was struck by a motorcycle at an intersection in Earl’s Court around 3:21 p.m. on Wednesday while visiting her older sister in London.

According to police reports, a pedestrian was left in critical condition after being hit by a motorcycle at the junction of Cromwell Road and Warwick Road in west London on Wednesday at approximately 3:21 p.m.

On Wednesday, she was in London visiting her older sister when she slipped into a coma, according to her family.

Martin and Lisa-Marie Holland, the son and daughter-in-law of the victim, expressed their shock and overwhelming emotions upon learning about the extensive injuries sustained by their mother.

According to the speaker, the National Health Service has been providing excellent care for her. The speaker expressed gratitude towards the organization for their assistance in keeping her alive.

According to a statement released by the palace, the Duchess has expressed her sincere thoughts and prayers for the injured woman and her family.

The individual expressed gratitude towards the prompt response of emergency services and has stated that they will provide further updates.

The individual declined to provide additional comments at this moment as the incident is currently under investigation.

According to the Metropolitan Police, a pedestrian was involved in an accident and was subsequently transported to the hospital. The individual is currently in critical condition.

The Meteorological Police Special Escort Unit has been reported to provide armed escorts for a variety of high-profile individuals, including royalty, dignitaries, protected government members, heads of state, and other notable figures.

In addition, the service offers armed vehicle escorts for valuable, dangerous, and protected cargo, as well as potentially including high-risk prisoners.

According to police, there were no additional injuries reported and the investigation regarding the crash is still in progress as of Wednesday evening.

According to the user, the force has reported that the Occupational Standards Authority is currently investigating the behavior of the officers. The force has also stated that the authority was briefed in the usual manner.

On the second day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Duchess Sophie made her first public appearance since the incident. She was seen watching the Disabled Riding category and appeared to be putting on a brave face.

Dressed in a beige Barbour coat, a floral dress, and rubber boots, she shielded herself from the elements with a cameo umbrella as the jockeys departed.

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