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Goya Menor said, “I assumed Portable was the name of a rat poison.”

Goya Menor said, “I assumed Portable was the name of a rat poison.”

Goya Menor, a rapidly ascending Nigerian singer and hype man, won the Headies Award for “Best Street Artiste,” but he received harsh criticism from disgraced singer Portable, who claimed that he was not well-liked.

As you may recall, Portable was nominated in the same category as Menor, but he was disqualified from the ceremony due to a threat he made to kill the other contenders in that categories and his contentious assertions that he founded “One Million Boys.”

Later, the contentious musician issued an apology for the warning and soon withdrew his comment, insisting that the “One Million Boys” he alluded to in the popular song are actually his admirers and not members of any cult.

However, throughout the course of the week, Portable and Menor had been trolling one another on social media.The Menor stated that after receiving the honor, he felt:

Menor, though, asserted in a Saturday Beats interview that he was unaware of the singer and that he believed the name to be a rat poison. What is a porta? he asked. Is that a rat poison’s name? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that name before. Shout out to all the other artists in my category, especially those who have congratulated me.

The singer of “Ameno Amapiano” responded to Portable’s comments on his Instagram story on September 7th.

The Menor asserts that he cannot compare himself, a degree-holder, to a person who cannot find their kindergarten test results. As the “Street Hop holder,” he declared in his closing remarks, he had class.

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“I felt good. At least, there was a high level of transparency. In less than a year of being in the music industry, winning the Headies is a big one for me.”

Asked if it is appropriate for artistes to use social media to express their dissatisfaction about issues that bother them, the rapper said, “Yes. That’s why it is called social media. That is where artistes, just like other celebrities, pass messages to their fans.”

Speaking on how he felt during his Headies performance, he said, “I was accepted 100 per cent. I give thanks to everyone present in that hall that day. When I was called upon as the winner in my category, the ovation I got was more than an ovation. The Headies Atlanta (United States of America) experience was a great one for me.”

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