Frankie Jules-Hough Identified As Victim Killed After Horror Crash On M66 Motorway

In tragic news, 38-year-old Frankie Jules-Hough, a mother-of-two who was pregnant at the time, has passed away following a serious car accident. The incident also left her son and nephew injured.

Today, it has been reported that Frankie Hough has passed away in hospital after an incident on the M66 near Manchester on Saturday afternoon. In a tragic incident, Tommy (9) and Rocky (2) sustained grave injuries, along with Tobias Welby (4), who is the nephew of the victim.

Tommy and Tobias remain in induced comas in the intensive care unit. In a critical turn of events, all individuals were airlifted to the hospital for medical attention.

A 22-year-old man named Adil Iqbal from Accrington has been taken into police custody and charged with three counts of causing serious harm by dangerous driving. In today’s proceedings at Manchester Magistrates’ Court, it was disclosed that Frankie, who was anticipating the arrival of a baby girl, passed away unexpectedly.

The individual in question was also present in court. According to sources, Iqbal, an employee at a boxing gym, reportedly provided only his name, birth date, and address when questioned. The defendant has been remanded in custody and is set to make an appearance at Minshull Street Crown Court on June 19th.

In response to what has been described as “the most traumatic incident they have ever experienced,” Debbie Wright, a close friend of Ms. Hough, has established a fundraising website to support her family. In a harrowing turn of events, Frankie, who is currently 18 weeks pregnant, is fighting for her life in the intensive care unit. Calvin, the partner, is urgently by her side. Tommy and Tobias are currently in an induced coma in the intensive care unit and are awaiting the results of their brain scans.

According to sources, the family is currently going through a difficult time and their entire world has been turned upside down. According to the individual, the upcoming weeks or months will be crucial for their family, and the experience will be highly distressing for all involved.

According to Ms. Wright, all four individuals have family members currently hospitalized. These include Becci and Aaron, who are Tobias’ parents, Tommy’s father, and Julia and Frank, who are the parents of Ms. Hough.

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