Frankie Hough Identified As Victim Hospitalised After Horrific Crash On The M66 Motorway

A tragic motorway accident has left 38-year-old Frankie Hough fighting for her life. Hough, who is pregnant, was involved in the crash along with her two young boys and nephew. The incident has left all three children with serious injuries.

A 22-year-old male is being interviewed by the police on suspicion of causing serious harm through hazardous driving following a crash on Saturday afternoon. Other drivers nearby rushed to the aid of the family involved in the incident.

Frankie Hough was reportedly traveling on the M66 in Lancashire accompanied by her two children, Tommy (9) and Rocky (2), along with her four-year-old nephew Tobias Welby. As per the police report, all four individuals were transported to the hospital via air ambulance due to substantial injuries sustained during the incident. Ms. Hough’s injuries are reportedly believed to be life-threatening.

At the site, a 22-year-old male was apprehended and is currently being held in jail for questioning this evening. Relatives of Ms. Hough have initiated a fundraising campaign to assist her family, stating that their lives have been “completely upended.” According to Debbie Wright, she created a page for her best friend to showcase how life can drastically change in an instant.

A person is currently fighting for their life in the hospital following a horrific crash on the M66 motorway.

According to the witness, the quartet was traveling on the M66 motorway when they were involved in a catastrophic automobile crash. All of them were transported to the hospital via air ambulance and are currently in critical condition.

A woman named Frankie, who is currently 18 weeks pregnant, is fighting for her life in the intensive care unit. Calvin, the partner, is currently at her side with a sense of urgency. Tommy and Tobias are currently in an induced coma and are being closely monitored in the intensive care unit. The medical team is eagerly awaiting the results of their brain scans.

According to sources, the family is currently experiencing a tragic event that has completely upended their world. According to the speaker, Tobias’s parents, Becci and Aaron, along with Ms. Hough’s parents and Tommy’s father, were present at the hospital.

According to the speaker, the upcoming weeks or months will be crucial for the family, and the experience will be highly distressing for all members involved. The individual is requesting assistance and support for a family during a difficult period.

According to the speaker, it is reported that the closest loved ones of the affected individuals are unable to leave their bedside due to severe injuries and serious circumstances. The speaker is making a plea to the public to donate to their friend’s family.

They are asking for any amount that can be given with kindness and generosity. According to her statement, any funds raised would be directed towards the recovery of Ms. Hough and her children. She further mentioned that this would alleviate the burden of bills, as their immediate family is unable to leave their bedside. According to her, “They would appreciate anything you could offer.” As of this evening, over £7,200 has been raised.

According to Greater Manchester Police, a crash occurred at approximately 3:10 pm on Saturday involving two southbound vehicles on the M66 in Bury. As per the police report, a 38-year-old woman was transported to the hospital with severe injuries that are believed to be critical. Police authorities are currently requesting the public’s assistance in providing any relevant details or eyewitness accounts.

According to Sergeant Matt Waggett of GMP’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit, he expressed gratitude towards the members of the public who provided assistance at the scene and called 999, as well as those who offered support upon the arrival of the police and emergency services.

The public is being urged by an individual to come forward with any dashcam or smartphone footage they may have of an event, and share it with the police. ‘According to the speaker, any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could be crucial to the ongoing investigation.

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