“Even if everyone disagrees with me, I’m consistent with my words “- Nengi

“Even if everyone disagrees with me, I’m consistent with my words “- Nengi

Consistent Nengi is currently trending on twitter, after the former beauty queen tweeted about how consistent she’s been.

According to Nengi, even if everyone disagrees with her, she must stay true to her words.

The reality tv star tweeted:

“Right from the house, you have always said what you said without stuttering, you have always stood by what you believed in without cowering. You are still the same to this very moment. You walk the walk and you walk tall. A Queen”

“What Nengi showed us who she was for three months and three months later it’s the same person.
She was very competitive and motivated now my girl hardly sleeps and breathes WORK.
She dodged unnecessary talk now she’s dodging clout chasers.”

“Consistency in life is so important for success, it stems from taking what we are doing seriously.. Nengi Hampson is consistent”

“If you still have your perceptions of her in your head despite the fact that she showed who she is and still calling her for something she’s not then that’s on you! Nengi Hampson is the most consistent girl out there basically doing hers, moving after her goals.”

“Yes babe!! Like when the housemates tried to coerce you to play the role of an evicted housemate which you vehemently disagreed to. I love that about you mon bebe”

“You can’t be what you are not because of inconsistent bored people looking drama, I signed up for Nengi Rebecca Hampson and that’s who I’m getting period!”

“We witnessed that first hand while you were in the house, you have a mind of your own”

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