Erskin Irvin Jr. shot and killed outside family home in Birmingham’s Norwood community

Outside his home in the Norwood neighborhood of Birmingham, a man was shot and died.

On Thursday night at 9:51 p.m., shots were fired in the 1400 block of 33rd Street North. Officer Truman Fitzgerald claimed that after hearing shots fired, police were sent to the area. They discovered the man inside his bullet-riddled car when they got on the scene.

Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service discovered the victim to be unconscious and declared him dead at the site.

Erskin Irvin Jr. was the victim, according to the police. He was a 37-year-old Birmingham resident.

Both family members and other neighbors in the area heard the gunshot.

They thought their loved one might have been shot, Fitzgerald added. When they got outside, they found that their loved one had been shot.

They slaughtered my baby in front of my home, a mother at the crime scene sobbed, adding, “They killed him in cold blood.”

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