Erica lands in trouble for downgrading married women

BBNaija season six shine your eyes former housemate Erica Nlewedem is under fire because of a statement made by her of which the social media has termed it to be insensitive to married women.

In an update shared on a microblogging platform, Twitter, Erica said she woke up wondering how long she would continue working on a million things as a single lady.

Erica forwardly questioned when she would probably get some rest and get to enjoy her life without working on anything like that of the married women .

The reality star suggested indirectly that because most house wives do not work, that the reason they are always pretty and attractive to some persons.

She wrote:
I woke up yesterday having a thought, is that how I will be working on a million things forever?. When will I get to chill, relax and enjoy?. I now get to understand why being a house wife is pleasant to some people.

Erica’s Statement did not go well with so many married women as they dragged her down for downgrading married women and describe the idea as insensitive.

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