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“Envy is destroying our people” – Yul Edochie Notes

“Envy is destroying our people” – Yul Edochie Notes

Yul Edochie, a presidential candidate and actor, expresses concern about the sickness of envy that is slowly destroying society.

The actor bemoans the surge in jealously toward individuals who are succeeding in life after once receiving harsh criticism for taking a second marriage.

Yul Edochie emphasized the necessity to concentrate on one’s achievement rather than disparaging others’ in an Instagram story.
“Envy no one. Clap for others until your time comes. Envy is destroying our people.

Many aren’t progressing cos they spend so much time worrying about what others are doing rather than doing their own.

If you know how much time you lose in a day just flipping through social media, watching what others are doing. There’s always something you can do to move yourself from point A to B.

Focus. e dey your hand. Envy no one. YUL EDOCHIE,” he wrote.

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