Double Homicide Investigation After Two Children Were Found Dead In Northland Beachside Settlement

According to reports, the deaths of two children in a Northland beachside settlement are being treated by the police as a double homicide.

According to sources, the children were reportedly aged 1 and 4, as reported by The Herald.

This morning at approximately 7:30am, emergency services were summoned to a residence on Peter Snell Road in Ruakākā, which is located 30km south of Whangārei. The call was made due to reported issues at the residence.

According to reports, two children’s bodies were discovered at the residence after a woman residing at the location contacted authorities earlier today.


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According to reports, authorities are currently in talks with an individual who is believed to be connected to the fatalities.

According to Whangarei Mayor Vince Cocurullo, the family and community will require support and will be in a state of shock.

The statement made by the user is one of shock and sadness.

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According to Ruakākā resident Tui Roman, who spoke to 1News, the family involved in today’s incident had been residing in the locality for multiple years.


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The situation is one of complete devastation. According to 1News, she described waking up and seeing the thing on Facebook as a horrible experience.

The sentiment has been widely shared among the villagers, as they have all been affected by it. The village is reported to be in good condition. According to the speaker, the village in question does not belong to their community. According to the speaker, “It’s not our community that does this.”

According to Kāinga Ora’s regional director for Northland, Jeff Murray, the agency has received news of a sudden death incident at one of their properties in Ruakākā, as described by the police. Murray expressed sadness upon learning of the incident.

The speaker expressed their condolences to the whānau and the small Ruakākā community, acknowledging that they will all be affected by the tragedy. Our team will be conducting interviews with local customers to determine their support requirements. The authorities have declined to provide further details due to the ongoing police investigation.

One Tree Point School has extended its support to students in need and has also expressed love and solidarity to the broader community.

According to principal Shirley Winters’ Facebook post, two children have been reported dead in Ruakākā this morning.

The individual expressed their sincere aroha and thoughts to the whānau and all those involved.

According to the spokesperson, the organization has implemented support systems to assist any tamariki who require it. The reporter urges individuals to reach out if they have any concerns.

The residence that is currently under police investigation is located on the identical street as Bream Bay College.

According to Bream Bay College principal Wayne Buckland, the school has been made aware of a notable incident in the vicinity. Buckland stated that the school has established support mechanisms to assist any of its students who may have been impacted by the fatalities.

The board of trustees has been informed, according to the statement given. The situation will be monitored and support will be provided as needed, according to sources. According to the school officials, there have been no reports of safety concerns for students attending school.

According to Buckland, there are no safety concerns for their students or operations as the local police have informed them. Buckland also mentioned that they have a very good working relationship with the local police.

Two individuals were discovered deceased this morning, prompting police to establish a cordon on Peter Snell Road in Ruakaka, Northland. In a photo captured by Michael Cunningham…
Two people were found dead this morning, prompting police to establish a cordon on Peter Snell Rd in Ruakaka, Northland. In a photo captured by Michael Cunningham…

According to Detective Inspector Bridget Doell, the police are not searching for any other individuals in relation to the deaths.

According to official statements, the community is likely to be surprised by the incident that has occurred. However, authorities have confirmed that they are not actively pursuing any other individuals in connection with the incident.

Authorities are urging anyone who was in the vicinity during the incident and can provide assistance with the investigation to step forward.

According to the statement, the Ruakākā community will receive continued support during this understandably distressing time.

According to the police, they are unable to provide any additional information at this time, despite the public’s heightened curiosity about the matter.

This morning, authorities including the police, Hato Hone St John, and FENZ were present at a residence located on Peter Snell Rd, situated between Tamingi St and Tiki Pl.

This morning, police were observed conversing with individuals at adjacent residences on a tranquil street.

According to business owners in Ruakākā town centre, the news of the death of two individuals is causing distress.

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