Billionaire’s Daughter DJ Cuppy Says She Can’t Stay Inside A Man’s Pocket

Billionaire's Daughter DJ Cuppy Says She Stay Inside A Man's Pocket

The 28 year old disc jockey Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, popularly known as ” DJ Cuppy” discusses about her struggle in search of true love and reveals that she works restlessly so as to ensure that her father or any man subdue her.

On a chat with Zeze Mills Show the entertainer disclosed that she has had a lot of misconceptions about her personality and how it has been difficult to find a good partner.

The DJ further said she looking forward to meet a man that is really compassionate, fun to be with ,and serves as an escape for her crazy world wholes she’s still trying struggling to be less in control in her intimacy with him.

‘I Pray To God’, DJ Cuppy reveals.β€˜I Cannot Have My Father Or Any Man Control Me’

Femi Otedola daughter disclose that she has had an affair with countless men through their dating applications; currently she wants to be stuck with a man who has 9AM to 5PM job without having interest in any social media platform.

Recalling her past experience with men , she stated :

β€œI’ve dated a bus driver, I’ve gone on a date with bus driver and there’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve gone on a date with this annoying guy that stays with his mom, I’ve gone on a date with model, I’ve been on a date with footballer”.

β€œI don’t need a man for money, so I can’t be shallow. I’ve been with guys that have taken advantage of me 100%, I’ve been with guys that have definitely been there for the ride.”

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