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#BBNaija:”We Need Space, Let’s Take A Break,” says Groovy as she gets out of bed and tells Phyna.

#BBNaija:”We Need Space, Let’s Take A Break,” says Groovy as she gets out of bed and tells Phyna.

After their conversations and Groovy leaving her bed, it would appear that their connection with Phyna Groovy is over.

Read their exchanges below:

Phyna to Groovy — if you can’t condole my attitude {drinking habit} it’s fine, you can end the relationship.. before you start comparing me to someone {Beauty} that on a normal day you can’t.

Groovy — I apologize for comparing you to Beauty… I don’t expect you to be a violent person like Beauty after taking alcohol.. but you are disrespecting the rule and boundaries we set in this Relationship..and if you continue doing that, then you will push me away from you.

Phyna — Why will you even compare me to your Ex {Beauty} … you are tell me I am embarrassing you because I drank alcohol… If I am a problem to you, you can leave and cut me off.

Groovy to Phyna — let’s give ourselves breathing space, no need for all this back and forth.

Phyna — Are you breaking up with me ??

Groovy — I’m not breaking up with you, I’m telling you we need space, the whole housemates already knows our matter.

Groovy to Phyna — I should be able to control you when I feel you are taking things too far.. you should be able to shuut up when I tell you to… If you can’t stop drinking, then this relationship between us will never work.

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