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#BBNaijaReunioun:Checkout Ebuka Expression when Angel stated she was only friends with Cross during the #BBNaija Reality Tv Show (Video)

#BBNaijaReunioun:Checkout Ebuka Expression when Angel stated she was only friends with Cross during the #BBNaija Reality Tv Show (Video)

On her relationship with Cross, Angel JB Smith stated that she and her ex-housemate are just friends.

Angel claimed that Cross once took her aside from a party to appear as if they were dating. “We are just friends,” she said when Ebuka asked if they were just pals.

Angel went on to say that there were people in the house with whom Cross didn’t get along, and he would be subjected to their criticisms, and that he would frequently send her photographs to her DM with comments on them.

In her own words, Angel JB Smith said:

“I am not your girlfriend, and I have never expressed an interest in being your girlfriend.” In fact, we had an argument when he came to my house, and he said, ‘Oh then, do you want to be my girlfriend?’ I said no.

Angel said yes when Ebuka questioned if Cross came to see her in her apartment on a regular basis. Cross would come over and talk, but it would never be about a relationship, she claimed.

Angel claimed that once Cross left the house, he had the BBNaija golden boy thing going on with him, and that Cross made it appear as if she and Saskay were fighting for his attention, but that was not the case, according to Cross admirers.

Cross never contemplated including her in his account until his voice notes about him and Saskay surfaced around the time they arrived in Dubai, she said. Angel reported that she was crossed-posted for the first time during their time in Dubai.

Cross, she claimed, regularly put her on his social media platforms, making her feel like she was Cross’s protector. Below is a link to a video of the conversation:

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