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#BBNaijaReunioun: Arin And Nini Reconciles At Last, Exchange Hug Following A Hilarous Push From Yerins (Video)

#BBNaijaReunioun: Arin And Nini Reconciles At Last, Exchange Hug Following A Hilarous Push From Yerins (Video)

Thanks to their co-reality star, Yerins, Arin and Nini have finally hugged out their troubles.

After Arin and Peace said Nini changed her mind about them after the programme, Ebuka told Nini that he doesn’t believe she changed her mind about Arin because of a single comment she made.

Nini responded to Ebuka by saying that she sincerely cared for Arin and Peace, but that she was hurt by Arin’s remark about her.

She went on to say that she could handle it if everyone hated her except Arin because she loved her so much.

Now when Nini is face to face with Arin, she reiterates that her remark upset her deeply, but she treated it as if it were nothing.

She went on to say that a simple apology would suffice.

They were constantly venting their frustrations at each other, and they were doing so over Yerin, who sat in between them.

Yerin kept shifting her gaze from one person to the next until she finally snapped and begged them to apologise to each other instead of going around in circles.

Ebuka and the rest of the housemates broke out laughing at his reaction.
Nini and Arin apologised to each other after giving in to Yerin’s request.

Then Ebuka begged them to hug it out, which they did, and Yerins wrapped his arms around them.

View the video here:

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