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#BBNaijaReunion: I wanted more of Her – #BBNaija Cross says as he expresses his feelings to Angel during the reunion show (Video)

#BBNaijaReunion: I wanted more of Her – #BBNaija Cross says as he expresses his feelings to Angel during the reunion show (Video)

Cross is perplexed by what angel JB Smith stated about his telling her he’s flirting with Emmanuel, according to Cross.

Cross went on to say that he couldn’t recall ever having a talk with Angel like that. He claimed that the only memory he had of the gathering was of him attempting to get close to Angel, to get to know her because he was so close to her in the house.

Cross said, “oh, pretty much, absolutely, since I just wanted to get to know her more and understand her story because she seems like a very intriguing person… ” when Ebuka asked whether he wanted more of Angel, despite the fact that he had never told her about it.

Cross also mentioned that the more he learns about her, the more he learns about Angel in general. He went on to say that he is really concerned about Angel, and that whenever she is upset, he is always there to console her and try to make her happy because she is a very good friend of his.

“Did you honestly, whatever you’re feeling now aside, did you honestly want more at any point in the house?” Ebuka asked Angel.

“No,” Angel replied.

“Because that was more than fl#r-ting,” Ebuka says, “I’m sure you guys witnessed it, and Sammie, of course, saw it up close…

It didn’t simply feel like fl#r-ting. We watched a lot of movies and interesting d*rty chats there that he didn’t have with many others, so it’s…”

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