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#BBNaija Reality Tv star Natacha Akide Laments Bitterly On How Nigerians Move On Easily (video)

#BBNaija Reality Tv star Natacha Akide Laments Bitterly On How Nigerians Move On Easily (video)

Tacha Akide, a former Big Brother Nigeria housemate, has criticised how Nigerians merely respond to awful occurrences in the country for a day or two before moving on as if nothing happened.

She also questioned why Nigerians had neglected to familiarise themselves with their local government chairmen, representatives in the House of Representatives, and those in positions of authority, and challenged them to carry out their responsibilities instead of blaming President Muhammadu Buhari.

Take a look at the VIDEO below:

Netizens’ reactions are as follows:

@ aniscooser

When it comes to topics like these, this lady Tacha is one of the personalities I like the most. She is usually direct and to the point. Everything she says is correct. Extremely depressing…


She’s right; most of you, in particular, have no idea.


True talk🥺 But people wey no like her go say she Dey do too much like that. I pray make change come quickly o because me I’m tired😩🙏


I don’t know why y’all laughing and insulting her …. Like you can do better …. Most of y’all are the problems in this country …. Someone is saying facts and you insulting her for her lips …. May God help y’all


She makes some excellent arguments. Her grammar and appearance are being mocked by some trolls. May Nigeria spare you and your loved ones; if it does, you will realise that your so-called beauty and eloquence would be useless.

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