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#BBNaija: Bella and Sheggz share a bedtime kiss (Video)

#BBNaija: Bella and Sheggz share a bedtime kiss (Video)

Bella and Sheggz, who are roommates on Big Brother Naija’s Level Up season, are deepening their relationship.

The duo, who have many fans hooked to the TV with their passionate moments, recently advanced their relationship.

Sheggz and Bella may be seen embracing in bed in a video that has gone viral. Many people were shocked as the couple locked lips and became mushy.

Less than a week was not too long for the Big Brother Naija’s “Level Up” housemates to fall in love, according to 9jaHotVibes.

Many anticipated that the new housemates would learn from their predecessors given the numerous failed love ships in previous seasons, but it didn’t look like it.

There appeared to be several relationships cruising through the house, from Groovy and Beauty to Alysyn and Hermes, Sheggz and Bella, and Khalid and Daniella.

Anyhow, viewers subscribed to this kind of stuff.

Sheggz and Bella appeared to take the lead every day; the adorable duo gave their followers and viewers sappy material.

Sheggz revealed to Chomzy his affection for her and his interest to Bella.

Sheggz admitted that he liked Bella because of her sweetness, wit, and charisma.

This information was revealed by Sheggz after Chomzy commended Bella’s beauty.

Chomzy : Bella is so beautiful, her skin is popping

Sheggz: Yeah so cute, her mouth is so sharp, but I like it, and her personality is so big for her size.

Still, on the same news, Sheggz had tendered his apology to Bella over his outburst on her for pitching tent with Adekunle.

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KFN reported that the housemates divided after Adekunle, Doyin, Chichi, and Sheggz clashed.

Sheggz was left displeased as his woman, Bella, picked a side with Adekunle.

Realising his wrongs, Sheggz apologised to Bella for his outburst toward her.

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