Azar Rahmatzadeh Identified As Teacher Jailed For Having Sex With A 14-Year-Old Student

Melbourne teacher Azar Rahmatzadeh, who previously stated that she did not consider the age of her 14-year-old student when engaging in sexual activity with him, may be released from prison within a year.

Over the summer vacation, Azar Rahmatzadeh initiated communication with a male student via Snapchat. According to court proceedings, she allegedly derived pleasure from the attention of the boy and invited him to her place for a beverage.

Upon picking him up from the train station, she advised him to keep a low profile and hide as they drove to her house.

Upon their arrival, the woman allowed the young individual to pour himself a glass of wine. In a shocking incident, Rahmatzadeh reportedly knelt down and kissed the youngster before engaging in sexual intercourse with them in her bedroom. He was picked up by his father and driven to his mother’s house, where he shed tears.

A Melbourne teacher has been sentenced to jail time for engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old student.

In the weeks that ensued, Rahmatzadeh allegedly sent messages to the minor via social media, referring to him as “handsome” and her “favorite” student. The user expressed their unwavering affection towards the recipient, using profanity to emphasize their sentiment. She offered a sincere apology, stating, “If I offended you, I apologize.”

After months of silence, the child finally confided in his mother about a concerning situation. The catalyst for the disclosure was the fear that a film circulating among classmates could potentially become public.

According to sources, the mother of the individual in question reportedly expressed regret, feeling that she could have done more to ensure her child’s safety. According to the youngster, he has been experiencing schoolyard mockery and derision, resulting in the loss of friends.

According to police, Rahmatzadeh accused the young person during questioning. The defendant ultimately admitted to committing sexual penetration with a minor who was under the age of 16. The individual in question is a juvenile, and notably, quite young. She explained that she had not been considering a number that was truly terrifying.

According to County Court Judge Anne Hassan, Rahmatzadeh, who was 44 at the time, had multiple chances to consider and prevent the harmful impact of her behavior on the boy. According to the judge, the incident was characterized as a “gross breach of trust.”

Prior to the offense, the individual’s messages contained sexual undertones. According to sources, the individual in question was a seasoned educator who reportedly acknowledged that their actions were inappropriate.

On Friday, a judge sentenced Rahmatzadeh to a maximum of two and a half years in prison. According to sources, she is set to be eligible for parole after serving just one year in prison. According to Judge Hassan, the sentence of the defendant was reduced due to her mental state of turmoil and despair at the time of committing the crime.

After enduring COVID-19 lockdowns alone, she found herself feeling lonely. Additionally, her teaching responsibilities had increased, leaving her feeling exhausted. According to her statement, Rahmatzadeh has faced an atypical form of punishment that includes losing her job, reputation, and home, in addition to being subjected to media scrutiny. Rahmatzadeh has been sentenced to a 15-year registration as a sex offender.

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