Anna Selwyn and Gabriel Ortega identified as victims in fatal high-speed chase in Yankton County

Two people who died in a high-speed chase on Wednesday have had their names revealed by the Yankton County Sheriff’s Office.

On South Dakota Highway 50, a red Chevy was involved in a high-speed chase that was reported to Yankton County police. In this instance, the car struck the semi-truck while exceeding the posted speed limit and driving “erratically” while state patrol attempted to pull the vehicle over.

A man from Ida County was detained after making dynamite explosion threats in Norfolk.
Gabriel Ortega, 26, and Anna Selwyn, 27, were both declared deceased at the site of the collision. Both were Sioux City natives.

The third person’s name has not yet been disclosed because they are still in a serious state.

Although it was noted that Selwyn was the car’s registered owner, the press report did not specify which of the people was the driver.

The incident is still being looked into.

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