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Ali Baba responds to viral video asking actresses where their wealth comes from

Ali Baba responds to viral video asking actresses where their wealth comes from

The Nigerian comedian Ali Baba, uniquely known as Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, has explained his prior remarks in which he criticized some Nollywood actresses for having dubious sources of income.

A video showing him criticizing Nollywood actresses for their affluence was circulated online, according to 9jaHotVibes.

The comedian, who claimed he was tempted to name names, used the example of an actress he met in Dubai who was sponsored to lounge there but afterwards appeared online to make it appear as though she had paid for the hotel costs to support his case.

Ali Baba clarified the facts by saying that the film was created a year ago, when Obi Cubana hosted a spectacular funeral for his mother.

He explained that a video he had filmed a year prior was trending when his phones began buzzing while he was on set.

According to Ali Baba, the video was broadcast to denounce the hypocrisy that surrounded the females who traveled to Oba for the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother. He stated:

“I was on a set recording and started wondering why I was getting so many calls…. then it was revealed that a video of 1 YEAR AGO, was trending.

A video that was posted to speak to the hypocrisy that followed the girls that went to Oba for Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial.

Clearly, some people can only read what is regurgitated.

Secondly, some people can’t read. So they wait for comments. So they can join the bandwagon.

Sensationalism is a daily staple now. So people look for what can drive traffic, post and sit back and let the people looking for a fix to jump on it.

Again, it is now more evidenced that some people will miss the point, Because they can not or too lazy to finish watching a video before jumping to conclusions.

This video is one year old. That didn’t affect the person who called me just 30 minutes ago, and said “my cousin said she was on your instalive this morning when you were looking for trouble”. I had to ask. Instalive? Today? Your cousin watched it? “Yes. Why would I be lying that she watched it?”

I asked again. You are sure your cousin was on my instalive or she watched an instalive video. This was where she killed me. “I evenjoined but was sorting out my kids so I exited”

So this post is for Auntie Kemi. The one with the power to join an instalive of 1 YEAR ago.

And just incase you are still lost, it was an instalive where I told some people to let the young ones be.. and stop harassing them Because they went to Oba for Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial.
I dey Taya for blogging and road side journalism these days”

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