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After Two Years, Music Star Joe Boy Lashes Back At Zlatan’s Insults

After Two Years, Music Star Joe Boy Lashes Back At Zlatan’s Insults

After Two Years, Music Star Joe Boy Lashes Back At Zlatan's Insults

A long time back, in June of 2020, Nigerian vocalist Zlatan Ibile went on an irregular Instagram bluster where he got down on various performers including Kizz Daniel, Burna Boy, and Joeboy and said a few decision words regarding them.

About Joeboy, Zlatan posted on his IG story:

 “Joeboy fit sabi sing E fit get numbers pass me ! Does he know about the music business or he is just famous”

When Zlatan made this post about Joeboy, Joeboy didn’t say anything. As a matter of fact, Joeboy has not once discussed this post by any means. Not as of recently.

During a new talk with Chude Jideonwo, Joeboy and Chude got into a discussion about Zlatan’s tirade and Joeboy at last focused on how he had an outlook on it and what he needs to say regarding it now. Joeboy likewise on a lighter note discussed his technique for dating now that he is a major superstar. Here’s what he said.

Moving along, here is the significant selection of the discussion among Joeboy and Chude.

Chude: Is it true that Zlatan said you don’t understand the music business?

Joeboy: I swear down. Yeah, he said it.

Chude: So how did you take it?

Joeboy: Anybody can say what they want to say. Yes now, the truth is I can say that the sun is red, but is the sun red? The sun knows it’s not red so anybody can say what they want to say. I know what I’m about.

Chude: But what was that about?

Joeboy: I actually have no idea.

Chude: You guys haven’t had any beef?

Joeboy: Nope. I don’t do beef. I don’t do beef at all.

Chude: So that just came out of nowhere?

Joeboy: Yeah, it just came out of nowhere. It was around the pandemic and I’d already gotten to that stage (where these types of things stopped bothering me), that’s why I didn’t reply, I didn’t respond, I didn’t say anything.

Chude: And what did your guys around you say when this happened?

Joeboy: I can’t say it on camera (laughs).

Chude: On a different note, what is it like to be a star in this time and date? Like how do you meet people that you know aren’t just meeting you for clout?”

Joeboy: I still meet people. I have some factors that I gauge in my head before (I approach). When I see someone’s page, there are some things I will check out from her post that will make me to know okay, this person is like this, this person is like that. I’m a very observant person. I will know. I’m this type of person that I read people cuz I’m quiet so I can just let you talk for an hour and I will know, I will have an idea of what you’re about. So even from a page, I can know is it this person I want to DM? I could even send you a message, from your response, I will know the kind of person you could be.

Chude: Are you even ableto send people messages these days?

Joeboy: I do it sometimes if I’m feeling good or I’m feeling some type of way. Sometimes you just have to live man, you can’t be too uptight. If I send you a DM and I say hi, what’s the worst that you could make of it? Okay Joeboy said hi, and so?

What is your take on Joeboy’s remarks about the thing Zlatan said about him and his remarks about dating as a Joeboy? Tell me your thought process by leaving a remark on the comment section.

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