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actress Uche Elendu stands up for her As online critics of Mercy Chinwo’s recent flamboyant lifestyle continue(Details)

actress Uche Elendu stands up for her As online critics of Mercy Chinwo’s recent flamboyant lifestyle continue(Details)

Uche Elendu, a Nigerian actress and businesswoman, defended Mercy Chinwo as netizens continued to criticize her extravagant lifestyle after she displayed on social media an SUV that her husband, Pastor Blessed, had given her as a birthday present.

Recall that Mercy’s spiritual mother, Chioma Jesus, received an open letter from television celebrity Obieze. He claimed that ever since she got married, she has been practically everywhere. He counseled Chioma Jesus to advise the social media show off to chill down for the time being.

A few days ago, lawmaker Maria Ude Nwachi encouraged pastor Blessed Uzochikwa and gospel music minister Mercy Chinwo to remove their marriage from social media in order to prevent investigations that could cause problems.

Maria Ude Nwachi wrote:
“Clarification: This type of show by a woman of bible will bring nothing good for her. One investigation into their doing might bust a lot and those hailing them won’t be able to help them out of it. The investigation can come from source and to find something no dey hard. To make displays that beg to be scrutinsed is very very unwise because your subliminal request will surely be answered if you keep it up. Nollywood actresses do these packages and it’s okay but not her type. I did not post that package because I felt sorry for her as she knows not what she is doing. Allow trouble to sleep in peace, no wake am. Thank you.”

Responding to the criticism, Actress Uche Elendu wrote:

“Enough of the narrative that Christians should not live a flamboyant life style, or enjoy good things of life, Enough of the narrative that being a Christian means you should look poor and not enjoy your life. Enough of glorifying the devil, making the young one’s feel that wealth comes from the devil, thereby engaging in nefarious rituals just to get rich, Enough of attributing EVERY Pastors wealth to tithes and offerings, Born Again Christians should show off on social media too, Let the World know that All good things come from God, Wealth is our heritage. Eccleston 5 vs 19. Tall rest Abeg! It is part of Evangelism.”

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