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Actors in Nollywood are broke; fame is all we have. – Ayo Adesanya Admits

Actors in Nollywood are broke; fame is all we have. – Ayo Adesanya Admits

Ayo Adesanya, a Nollywood actress, has spoken candidly about the financial situation of the majority of movie stars in the Nigerian entertainment sector.

Contrary to popular belief, Adesanya claims that Nollywood actors and actresses are not as wealthy as people think they are.

The 52-year-old movie director and filmmaker made this admission during an interview on the podcast “Memoir of a Naija Girl.”

Despite the size of the Nigerian film business, the actress admitted during the interview that actors are merely famous and not as wealthy as the general public believes.

According to Adesanya, it is the duty of an actor to understand how to capitalise on their notoriety through sponsorship arrangements with brands or other means.

Her words are:

Many people have the notion that because Nollywood is big, practitioners are well paid. But, how much do we earn?

We have fame, but we don’t make money. However, it is left for the actor to use that fame to get money, through brand endorsements and other avenues.

It is very lonely being a celebrity, contrary to what people think. People think that as a celebrity, one has the whole world at one’s feet. It is actually very lonely.

People assume that a celeb’s life is all rosy and lively. However, everything boils down to the individual and how they want to live their lives so that it doesn’t become lonely and boring. She said!

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