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5 celebrities from Nigeria who have struggled with depression (Photos)

5 celebrities from Nigeria who have struggled with depression (Photos)

A person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, and sense of wellbeing can all be affected by depression, which is characterized by a bad mood and aversion to action. The majority of depressed people commit suicide because they may occasionally feel like they are on their last breath.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Chimamanda is a novelist from Nigeria. Age 43 describes her. Chimamanda Adichie also discussed her experience with depression and how, after starting counseling, she was able to overcome it.

Nike Oshinowo

Nigerian entrepreneur Nike is 55 years old at the moment. Nike acknowledged having endometriosis, a medical problem, since she was 13 years old. In endometriosis, the lining of the womb develops elsewhere on the body. She stated, “Living with endometriosis is a challenge. She also said living with endometriosis has affected all aspects of her life, so she began to drink alcohol. She said the pain of endometriosis is very traumatic. But thanks to God, she is now out of depression.

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is a well-known and stunning Nollywood star. She is 35 years old right now. She reportedly disclosed to an internet site that she formerly struggled with depression. She sought counseling, nevertheless, and was able to recover from her despair. She claimed that as a result of her prior struggles, she now runs a nonprofit that aids those with depression.

Morenike Alausa
Nollywood actress Morenike Alausa, often known as “Mama Ereko,” is well-known. She reported that she fell into a deep depression after her son unexpectedly returned to Nigeria from London. She claimed that it was a spiritual assault and that she felt like killing herself, but she refrained and is now free of depression.

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Halima Abubakar

Actress Halima Abubakar is a popular figure in the entertainment industry.She is 35 years old right now. Additionally, she battled depression. She claimed that after parting up with her partner, she developed depression. She was given typhoid medication by her doctor since she believed she was ill. She was then admitted to the hospital because her health was not getting better, and it was later discovered that she had depression. She received excellent care, and she is now OK.

Despite having variable symptoms, depression IS REAL. Please remain calm and alert; after all, a problem shared is half addressed. To prevent depression, let’s talk about our concerns with our close friends or family.

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