2Traditional Rulers killed By Gunmen In Imo State

We now know and understand that it is no longer news that for a some now, some unknown gunmen have been carrying out various attacks and killings in the South-East region, and Imo State to be more precised. The gunmen, who have often targeted security agents, and government infrastructures in the region, have in recent times, attacked and killed individuals in the region.

Sadly, despite the lots of efforts being made by the government and security agencies, the gunmen have continued to carry out various degrees of attacks and killings without attaching any kind of value to human lives. Recently, according to our source,a group of unknown gunmen stormed the venue of Traditional Rulers’ meeting in Njaba local government area of Imo State, and killed about two of them.

There is no doubt that killing is a serious crime against the state, no matter who the victim is. However, the killing of traditional rulers is one act by the gunmen that must not go unpunished. The government and relevant authorities should, as a matter of necessity, fish out those behind the attack, and sanction them accordingly. This is due to the fact that the attack on traditional rulers is a desecration of the traditional institution.

It is of a common knowledge that traditional rulers are important pillars of society. In every part of the country, traditional rulers are respected, and often play critical roles in maintaining peace within the areas under their jurisdiction. However, the unidentified gunmen ignored all these, stormed the venue where the traditional rulers were having their meetings, and killed two, while others were left with various degrees of injuries

It is also important that the gunmen behind the killings do not go unpunished. This would serve as an great warning to other criminal elements who may be nursing the idea of attacking traditional office holders for one reason or the other. The government and relevant authorities should do everything within their powers, to identify the culprits behind the recent killings of the two traditional rulers in Njaba, Imo state, and ensure that they are punished greatly

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